EARCOS (East Asian Regional Conference of Schools) 2017 Conference Blog Updates Coming

Just a note to all my readers. I will be attending this year’s EARCOS Conference, “Connecting Global Minds”, in Kota Kinabulu, Malaysia from March 29 to April 1, 2017.

Possible meetings I (plan) to attend are as follows:

  • ETC Google Virtual Reality Academy with Jay Atwood
  • Writing and Mathematics – It Can Be Done with Jessica Balli and Patrick Callahan
  • Step Into the Lab: Gamification, Differentiation, and Documentation, Oh, My!Supporting Teachers from a Positive Discipline Perspective withEric Schoonard and Mark Crowell
  • Drumming Activities as Metaphors in Math and Science with Martin Robinson
  • Priming the Brain for Learning with Julian Thornbury
  • Learning Vocabulary Through Drama and Games with Hamorn Lau
  • Forest School Supporting the Development of Social Skills with Karen KilleenĀ 
  • Redesigning the Learning Experience (Design Process) with Wesley Przybylski
  • Making Time to Create with Kim Cofino
  • Failing Well – Cultivating Growth Mindset, Self Directed Learners and Self Paced Learning with Yojin Chung
  • Engaging Young Writers – Strategies That Work with Alis Gorcea and Emily Bevington
  • The Neurobiology of Learning withRhonda Wildeman and Darrell Sharp
  • Moods Before Mindsets with Jacob Humes

As part of my PD agreement with my school, I will be trying to blog about a few of these meetings, particularly ones that involve a tech element. Please check the blog on those days for updates!


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